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October 2019 Survey Results

First of all, thank you for the large number of responses.

This page summarizes the fields which were of interest.



This one is a clear positive result; this will guaranteedly happen.



This one is not so clear. As much as there's demand, it's nowhere near as clear as the first result.
BoW SimpleJA may not happen too soon.



This one makes it fairly clear which layouts people would prefer to have split backspace on.
If using 20% as the cutoff line (1 in 5 respondents), 65% and below require split backspace support.
If using 10% as the cutoff line, basically every layout TKL or smaller requires it.




I was expecting this to flop due to the light spring weight; however, it seems like there's enough demand to make it happen.
Currently looking into getting this to happen (if possible).



Similar results to the switch.
Currently planning on doing a small batch of something cheap, along with producing a batch of stickers to throw into orders.



This one had quite some variation. For privacy reasons, I'll refrain from posting the exact responses, but I'll respond to general categories.

  • More keysets aside from Japanese: I've considered it, and made one partially. A few aspects have kept me from pushing forth, such as not being satisfied with the overall look after throwing the legends together.

  • Alps: As much as I like them, their demand gets lower year to year due to diminishing supplies of switches and caps. I'm not sure if I can justify a full-alps option beyond the Lunar series and similar.

  • Unorthodox layouts: I'll be looking into unusual designs and key layouts in the near future. That being said, it is difficult to create layouts that are "better" than the tried and true options.