Part 6 - Configuring the keymap

The key to getting the most out of your Polaris is to tune the keymap to your liking.

Thankfully, this can be done in a few clicks.


  1. Download and install Via Configurator if not already done. 
    If the installation is from a while ago, install the latest copy.

  2. Launch Via Configurator, and plug in the Polaris if not done already.

  3. The board should detect automatically provided the keymap was flashed correctly during assembly. 

  4. Switch the layout options so it matches the layout you are using.

  5. Click the key location to change, and click a key from the list below to write the new keycode in. This can be done for all layers as needed.

For a reference of basic keycodes, see here.
For layer switching, see here.

The new keycodes are changed and saved instantaneously. No further firmware flashing is required.

If you didn’t flash the new firmware during the build process, you can go through the same steps as needed. Plug in the board while holding the top left key (Esc by default) to boot the board into bootloader, removing the need to disassemble to press the reset button.

For those who wish to compile QMK from source for more advanced tuning, please see the official QMK documentation for in-depth info. The keyboard folder is located at ai03/polaris.


Once satisfied with the keymap, continue on to the final part.