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Part 7 - Further tuning, support, and feedback

Further acoustic tuning

We found some new acoustic info after starting production, so we weren’t able to get these changes into the final product.

Here’s what we suggest:

  • Tape the PCB flex slot that cuts across the middle shut with electrical tape or similar so that it is completely sealed.
  • Similarly, do the same for the flex cuts in the plate, along with any switch positions that are unused.


For when things are not going well, reach out to the following places.

  • For logistical issues such as damage/loss during transit, incorrect order contents, etc., contact KBDfans. 

  • For assembly help regarding building, flashing, etc., the best way is to check the FAQ and to drop by ai03’s Discord server for live community support. I won’t always be there to respond, but usually someone will know the answer to the question.

  • If it gets to the point where nobody knows the solution, either ping @ai03#2725 in the Discord server, or DM after sending a friend request. Emailing will also work, but I may miss the email or be very slow to respond in comparison to Discord.


How did we do overall?

We will appreciate any feedback you have about the board, and we’ll take it into account for future projects. To submit your thoughts, please use this form.

Note: This is a feedback form, not a support form. For support requests, please see the above section.