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Part 2 - Pre-build preparations

Before assembling the board, there are a few things to check.

  1. If not already done, double-check that all the contents of the package listed in part 1 are actually included in the box. It's a nightmare if you get partway through the build and realize a part is missing.

  2. Plug in the PCB, and verify that it detects as a device.
    Make sure there are no broken-off hotswap sockets or USB connectors rattling around in the bag.

  3. Check for any major external flaws that would disqualify the board as an A-stock unit (if you have purchased a regular unit rather than B-stock).

This is important because warranty of the board covers only units in unbuilt condition; if you spot any issues, please contact us for a replacement before building the board. 

Once all are checked and ready, it's time to prepare the case.