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Part 2 - Pre-build preparations

Before assembling the board, there are a few things to check.

  1. Check for any major external flaws that would disqualify the board as an A-stock unit (if you have purchased a regular unit rather than B-stock).

    If you have any flaws on the case that require a replacement, do not continue further and contact us immediately. We can't handle RMA units if the board has been built as per the return policy, so keep everything unused.

  2. If not already done, double-check that all the contents of the package listed in part 1 are actually included in the box. It's a nightmare if you get partway through the build and realize a part is missing.

  3. Plug in the PCB, and verify that it detects as a device.
    Make sure there are no broken-off hotswap sockets or USB connectors rattling around in the bag.
    Note: If you are testing key functionality at this stage, do note that the caps lock position is bound to Fn by default, and will not send a keystroke on its own. Instead, hold the caps lock position and press the numrow, and see if it sends F1~F12 rather than numerics.

This is important because replacement warranty of the board covers only units in unbuilt condition; if you spot any issues, please contact us for a replacement before building the board. 

Once all are checked and ready, it's time to prepare the case.