Part 6 - Keymap editing and closing words

The key to getting the most out of your Vega is to tune the keymap to your liking.
Thankfully, this can be done in a few clicks.

  1. Download and install Via Configurator if not already done.
    If the installation is from a while ago, install the latest copy.

  2. Launch Via Configurator, and plug in the Vega if not done already.

    The board should detect automatically.

  3. Switch the layout options under the layout tab so it matches the layout you are using.



  4. Switch back to the keymap tab.
    Click the key location to change, and click a key from the list below to write the new keycode in.
    This can be done for all layers as needed; switch between them as necessary using the layer toggles above the keymap view.


Some useful keycodes for layer switching:

A full list of keycodes can be found in the QMK documentation.


Closing words

Once again, thank you for your purchase, and we hope that Vega serves as a reliable keyboard for years to come.

If you ever need support, please contact us at the following:


How did we do?

We will appreciate any feedback you have about the board, and we’ll take it into account for future projects. To submit your thoughts, please use this form.

Note: This is a feedback form, not a support form. For support requests, please see the above section.

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