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Part 2 - Preparing the PCB

Polaris Build Guide

The PCB comes with a basic keymap that types, but likely isn’t ideal for your use case.To get it functioning well, it’s necessary to install a more recent copy of the firmware that’s compatible with Via Configurator. Unbox the PCB if not already done. Downlo...

Part 3 - Preparing the case

Polaris Build Guide

Let's begin with the case. Unbox the keyboard and all related parts if not already done. Of the two supplied hex keys, use the larger one to unscrew the four weight screws. Carefully remove the weight, and set aside. Use the smaller of the two hex keys...

Part 4 - Installing switches and stabilizers

Polaris Build Guide

Prepare and tune the stabilizers you need for your planned layout.Prepare and lube the switches as well. For stabilizers that sit loosely such as Cherry clip-in or GMK screw-in, insert the provided stabilizer shims onto the stabilizers, with the side having t...

Part 5 - Putting it all together

Polaris Build Guide

Insert the switch-plate-PCB assembly into the upper case half, so that the vertical gaskets installed onto the upper case half hold the plate in place from the sides.Be careful not to force the assembly in, for this can tear the vertical gaskets off the top ca...

Part 6 - Configuring the keymap

Polaris Build Guide

The key to getting the most out of your Polaris is to tune the keymap to your liking. Thankfully, this can be done in a few clicks. Plan A: Using VIA ConfiguratorThis is the fail-safe option, but requires installing software to your PC. Download and install...

Part 7 - Further tuning, support, and feedback

Polaris Build Guide

Further acoustic tuning We found some new acoustic info after starting production, so we weren’t able to get these changes into the final product. Here’s what we suggest: Tape the PCB flex slot that cuts across the middle shut with electrical tape or simila...

What is the best way of contacting you directly?

Common FAQ Non-Keyboard Questions

The best method is Discord; I am very active on the platform and will be able to respond the fastest.To send me a direct message, first join my Discord server, then send a direct message to ai03#2725. The second best option is email at, althoug...

Switch Choice Flowchart

General Info

Click image for full size view.

October 2019 Survey Results

Keyboard Survey Results

First of all, thank you for the large number of responses. This page summarizes the fields which were of interest.   This one is a clear positive result; this will guaranteedly happen.   This one is not so clear. As much as there's demand, it's nowher...

Switch Weight Preferences

Keyboard Survey Results

The following document keeps track of the data. Note: The survey returned too few results for the EU and AU regions to be a meaningful measurement.

Alps SKCM/SKCL Switch Cleaning


Alps feel awful when not maintained. Here's some info to get them back into perfect shape. Disassembly Pull the tabs that secure the top housing to the bottom housing outwards, and pull the top housing up out of the bottom housing. Stem, spring, and click l...

What will the sale format be for this board with unannounced sales format?

Common FAQ Sales

The sales format for any board with unannounced sales format is unannounced. It will likely be announced at a later date.

Build Guide - Japanese (日本語)

Orbit Build Guide

ご購入ありがとうございます。 Orbitの組み立て方 ケースとプレートを分解します。 使用する場合、PCBにスタビライザーを設置します。(縦型2Uキーを使用する場合のみ) プレートへ角のスイッチを挿入します。 ③のスイッチにPCBを合わせ、合体させます。 残りのスイッチをプレートへ挿入します。 スイッチがPCBへ完全に挿入されていることを確認します。(間に大きな隙間がある場合、打鍵音に影響します。) スイッチをはんだ付けします。 インジケーター用LEDをPCBへ送入します。 プレートをケースの上...

Build Guide - English

Orbit Build Guide

Thank you for your purchase. Orbit Assembly Instructions Disassemble the case and plate. If using vertical 2U keys, install stabilizers onto their respective PCB positions. Install the corner switches on the plate. Align the PCB to the corner switches and...

Where can I buy your keyboards?

Common FAQ Sales

My keyboards are sold through various keyboard vendors, using the sale format best suited for the board. Such information is usually clearly denoted within an IC/GB thread, product listing page, or the official Discord server. If a product is either currently...

Can I buy a keyboard which is out of stock?

Common FAQ Sales

Assume that it is possible to purchase a physical product which is out of stock. Define P as the set of all physical copies of a product p located in stock at a vendor, and define p as a physical non-null copy of product p which belong to P. For a purchase to ...

Part 1 - Begin here

Vega Build Guide

  Thank you for your purchase! We’ve done our best to put in everything we know into this board.To get the best out of it, it is important to assemble it correctly.This build guide outlines the exact steps to take to get it built. Warning: Damage, imper...

Part 2 - Pre-build preparations

Vega Build Guide

Before assembling the board, there are a few things to check. Check for any major external flaws that would disqualify the board as an A-stock unit (if you have purchased a regular unit rather than B-stock).If you have any flaws on the case that require a r...

Part 3 - Preparing the case

Vega Build Guide

Let's begin with the case. Remove the components from the box if not already done. Of the two supplied hex keys, use the smaller one to unscrew the case screws. Remove the top case half, and flip it upside down.   Unscrew and remove the temporary pl...

Part 4 - Assembling the internals

Vega Build Guide

Prepare and tune the stabilizers needed for your preferred layout, if not done already.Prepare and lube the switches as well. Mount the stabilizers onto the PCB using the provided shims to fill the gap on the thin PCB.The side with the copper artwork (logo) s...