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Part 5 - Putting it all together

  1. Prepare the prepared top-plate-PCB-switch assembly from the end of the previous page.
    Double-check that the temporary plate retention screws have been removed, and insert the bottom case half.

    If you plan to use the bottom foam layers, install them before inserting the lid. Our personal recommendation is one sheet to begin; adjust as necessary after testing.

    Installing both layers will stiffen the typing feel and add its character to the sound noticeably, while zero layers leaves sound completely untouched in that regard.


  2. Flip the board, and install the case screws.



  3. Install the keycaps of your choice, connect to a computer, and verify that it works.

    Note: The caps lock position is bound to Fn by default, and will not send a keystroke on its own. Instead, hold the caps lock position and press the numrow, and see if it sends F1~F12 rather than numerics.


Congratulations! You have fully assembled the Vega.


Now you are ready for the keymap editing and final remarks.